Real Burgers for Real Burger Lovers

At Wild Willy’s Burgers, our burger patties are made from a variety of specialty beefs. The toppings range from simple hand-cut, ripe tomatoes and Bermuda onion to fresh sautéed mushrooms and roasted green chiles from New Mexico. The buns are buttered (with real butter!) and toasted right on the char-broiler for that homemade flavor.

Serving hand-cut, skin-on, “country fair” style fries that are crisp and irresistible, Wild Willy’s is sure to tempt the most discerning fry connoisseurs.

The motivation behind Wild Willy’s is simple; “Real Burgers for Real Burger Lovers.”

This straightforward idea was conceptualized by Jim Williams, Founder, after 17 years of experience in the fast food, burger world. His goal was to own a restaurant dedicated to quality over speed, and in 2001 the doors to the first Wild Willy’s were opened.

As the glowing reputation of Wild Willy’s quickly grew, the enterprise followed suit. After finding that the integrity of his restaurant had sparked interest in potential investors, Jim decided to license qualified applicants to open their own Wild Willy’s, and enabled his vision to spread. You can now visit Wild Willy’s at four different locations, from Maine to Massachusetts. And though the decor may differ, they all operate under Jim’s original philosophy.